Disbursement of Sacco Payments

We pay loans and refund of society shares on behalf of the society where the following commissions apply:

  • Ksh 501 –50,000 ksh 200
  • ksh 50,001-100,000 ksh 300
  • ksh 100,001-200,000 ksh 400
  • ksh 200,001- 300,000         ksh 500
  • ksh 300,001-400,000 ksh 600
  • ksh 400,001-500,000 ksh 700
  • Overksh500,000 ksh 2500


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About Us

The Society was registered on 5th October 1971 (Registration No.2001) by the Commissioner for Co-operative Development.  The common bond was of Ministry of Lands and Settlement but due to transfers and restructuring within the Civil Service to date the Society has members from all the government ministries and  institutions, private sector, groups and individuals who qualified as per the society by-laws.


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