Administration: Deals with the overall administration of the Society.

Credit Management:  Deals with loans issuance and management.

Accounts: Deals with the keeping of Society Books of account.

ASFOS: This is the FOSA Bank Activity of the Society.

Registry: Deals with maintenance of members records of the Society.

Credit Control: Deals with Collection of all society debts in relation to loans.

Marketing: Deals with marketing the society’s products and services and recruitment of new members.

Audit: Deals with verification and internal control of the society.


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About Us

The Society was registered on 5th October 1971 (Registration No.2001) by the Commissioner for Co-operative Development.  The common bond was of Ministry of Lands and Settlement but due to transfers and restructuring within the Civil Service to date the Society has members from all the government ministries and  institutions, private sector, groups and individuals who qualified as per the society by-laws.


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